Colin Green: Portland Copywriter, Publisher


My recent ambi­tion is the cre­ation of a new type of mag­a­zine, one with an expand­ed pur­pose. Called Folks Press, I’ve dubbed the project a “com­mu­ni­ty cura­tion” mag­a­zine and pro­mo­tions busi­ness. The con­cept has been described as “cut­ting edge urban planning.”


With a regional focus, Folks Press aims to profile Portlanders doing creative, unexpected, initiative-taking, alternative, or just plain gutsy things. Or even going about the everyday, in some un-everyday fashion. The profiles themselves are being created by local artists: photographers, illustrators, writers, and so on. In this way, and others, Folks Press will also promote local artists and other businesses.

The heart of the idea is to stimulate and show-off regional creativity, as well as to introduce locals to each other, and to the rest of the world, in activity and spirit.

Click here to view a Folks Press story sample on this site.