Colin Green: Portland Copywriter, Publisher

PRESS RELEASE: Likeness and Exposition



To write a press release that inspires curios­i­ty, while ful­fill­ing stan­dard infor­ma­tion­al requirements.


Folks Press has brought together ten local photographers for a benefit group-show at Valentines for the month of March. Please join us at the opening reception from 6-9pm for drinks, snacks and conversation. Come learn more about what Folks Press is.

Likeness & Exposition is a collection of personalities and vignettes as seen through the eyes of Portland photographers. Who are the people that live in Portland, Oregon? A young mechanic, an old poet, a girl at the coffee house, a man in the woods wearing water wings? Artists Chris Price, James Luce, Suzy Mattay, Shayla Hasson, Nialls Fallon, Destiny Lane, Rudolf Bekker, Aaron Lee, Eliza Sohn and others show us their perspective.