Colin Green: Portland Copywriter, Publisher

Information Design


To redesign agency Web pages and sub-sites that had been cre­at­ed, over the course of years, by novices in myr­i­ad depart­ments. The goal was to bring the agency site up to infor­ma­tion design stan­dards, there­by enhanc­ing usabil­i­ty and com­pre­hen­sion, as well as uni­fy­ing agency branding. 


Working with departments individually, discussing their needs and requirements, I successfully guided each department toward an improved Web presentation and user experience, as well as the ability for their staff to maintain quality Web standards. This involved assisting with strategies for organizing and presenting Web content (e.g. sticky note exercises); education regarding navigation, taxonomy, and searchability issues; teaching classes in the agency content management system (CMS); and a fair amount of diplomacy.

—> Click here to view one of the sites I worked to upgrade, Good To Go!, the state's first e-commerce site.