Colin Green: Portland Copywriter, Publisher

Managed Publishing Department


To con­stant­ly improve the small depart­ment in order to meet the demand of a large num­ber of prod­uct lines, all requir­ing pub­li­ca­tion support.


I created the documentation and publications department. My concept was that a highly collaborative working environment would be stronger, more efficient, and overall a lot more fun. I was right.

Working as a team, my staff and I met regularly to plan for the future, discuss issues, and brainstorm solutions. A flexible division of labor allowed for each of us to work on solutions individually or in teams. I carefully tracked our deadlines and held status meeting, so that we were aways able to meet daily, weekly, and monthly obligations.

Among the departments many accomplishments, we standardized and streamlined the authoring and publishing processes, created an in-house style guide, designed archive and tracking systems, and implemented the company’s first application Help system. Along with Engineering, we were the best running department in the building